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Salvation & Missions

Giving your life to Christ, is the greatest decision you will ever make. In today's society, proclaiming the name of Jesus is not popular or widely accepted. Many Christians are faced with persecution, because they stand upon the principles of God's Word. Rest assured, standing up for Christ and His commandments and being a living testimony to the power and love of God, is the ONLY way to change society and the lives of those around us everyday. Too many hypocrites and false teachers, have led the world to view Christianity as a joke and many Churches have removed God from their services altogether and this is unacceptable! We here at the Adrian FFWB believe that Salvation is a free gift from God, through the Blood of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven. We believe that whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord, SHALL BE SAVED!

So, if you would like to make a personal decision to follow Jesus, all you need to do is....PRAY the following prayer...

Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I know that if I died right now, I would go to hell. I believe you died on the cross of Calvary for my sins, was buried and rose again the third day. I believe that if I ask you into my heart and to save me, that you absolutely will, according to your Word. I am asking you to forgive me of my sins and save my soul, through your precious blood...Amen!

If you prayed that prayer, we believe in accordance to God's Word, that YOU ARE SAVED!

Now, find you a Bible believing Church that will guide and strengthen your new life with Jesus Christ. If you live in the area, we would love to have you join us!

Also, if you prayed the above prayer, please email us through the 'Contact Us' page and let us know. We would be honored to pray for you and help you in your daily walk with Christ.

God bless and always remember....Jesus Christ loves you and so do we!